Monday, August 24, 2009

Let the weaving begin again!

Okay, I have been spending way too much time not working in my work room. I have been inventorying yarn, filing papers, paying bills, ironing linens but I haven't done a bit of weaving in that room since I took it over. My true intent for HandAndHeartWorks was my weaving with hits now and then of other handcrafts. All I had on hand was the sweet little bags that I listed earlier this spring. If I want to list scarves then I must weave them! Somebody's got to do it...

Of course now I wish I had bought a bit of that amazing boucle last summer at Dotty's. I'll get to rummage through the stash to see what boucle's I have hidden away...

As ready as I am to weave again it was even more fun having a mini workshop w/one of the college girl's best friends. She found the set up process not very exciting or interesting but as the random strands of wool and mohair came together and formed the fabric of her future shoulder bag her enthusiasm built. We still need to set a time up to block the finished fabric, make the cord and sew the whole piece together. It's going to be lovely when finished! Yay - yarn is so wonderful!

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