Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So this is an empty nest?

When is it really an empty nest? When we dropped her off at college and drove away? Or will it be when she moves out of our home permanently into her own private little domicile?

I approached my daughter’s first year away at college with great personal trepidation. I began plotting all sorts of ways to occupy all my “free time” that would be spent oh so lonely with out her. I imagined every nook and cranny of my house clean out and organized. I thought of all the knitting I could do. I could finish up a couple of quilts waiting patiently in a box in the work room. Should I take a couple of classes my self? I could gear up my Ebay store again... Ultimately I settled on opening an Etsy shop as I had just stumbled across Etsy last spring and fell in love with it.

So in August after arriving home from our summer excursion up North I set to crafting up a bunch of handmade envelopes and note cards using vintage maps and atlases and other damaged and discarded books. I have no idea how much time I have in these buggers but I do know that they were good for my soul. Well after crafting nightly after work and most weekends I hmmed and hahed for way too many months trying to decide on a shop name and finally settled on ReduxPapers. And yet a month later took pictures of my inventory and set up shop. It has been fun, and distracting, and a great learning experience. I have unabashedly bought more than I have sold and just love Etsy!

This school year has gone by so fast for our little family and we have all survived and I would even go as far to say that we are all thriving. The student has found her stride, the parents have found they still like each other and all seems right in our world. We sure do miss that girl but she has been home so often this year on this break or that break that just when I really begin to miss her all of a sudden, there she is!

My nest doesn’t feel too empty yet so I think we are really empty nesters when they set up their own housekeeping. That’s good because I am too young to have a truly empty nest.